We Share a Common Mission with our Clients

By helping to cultivate economic development and promote the financial and operational sustainability of for-profit organizations whose primary objective is social and/or environmental well-being, we can help make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Providing Social Enterprises both in the United States and throughout the world with capital backing empowers them to succeed in developing innovative products and offer sustainable solutions in their respective communities.

Providing Impact Investors with the information they need ultimately helps put funds where they can have the greatest social impact while providing a potential return on investment.

Gingras Global Groups, L3C  provides investment administration services for private sector companies and individuals looking to invest in Social Enterprise.


Impact Investor Services

Gingras Global Groups, L3C brings knowledge, experience, expertise, tools and personal service to help manage your social enterprise portfolio.

Social Enterprise Assessment

Providing the financial and operational information investors need to make smart decisions

Social Enterprise Reporting

Producing on-going financial information to meet the needs of investors, including timely and accurate quarterly statements, performance data and social impact measurement metrics

Impact Fund Administration

Handling routine operations, procedures and processes of the funds to maintain up-to-date documentation and records, tax reporting including K-1 and tax returns

Impact Investment Program Design and Operations

Development of innovative program elements for efficient and effective operational impact delivery

Impact Investment Syndication Management

Third party services, transactions, coordination, deal structure/investment preparation, stakeholder communications

G3 Portal

Secure, confidential on-line access to reports, legal documents, financial statements, transactions, communications, and news about investment ventures

Company founder and Managing Partner, Romy Gingras, believes in bringing unity and social impact through business. Romy brings more than 26 years of experience in the Financial Services industry. She has worked as a consultant to entrepreneurs globally, and has created several successful start-up companies of her own.  She is an effective leader, excels at bringing people together, and through her love of travel has nurtured a passion for people of all cultures.

Our Gingras Global team members share Romy’s passion and bring valuable experience and skills to benefit our investor clients.

Our flat-fee based flexible service packages provide optimal value for our clients. After reviewing your investment goals and services requirements we can prepare an estimate for any of our administrative services.

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We have worked with a range of clients, from large corporate groups to individual investors, including local investors in the Detroit, Michigan area, and others across the country and around the globe. We respect our clients’ confidentiality; we listen to their ideas and work closely with them to further their goals to support social enterprise.

As Dedicated to Your Goals as You Are